1929 Thornburg Street.


Sister Harris Young

Bethany Tabernacle from its humble beginnings has always had its core; helping others. This church has become the epitome of what a church that cares for its community should do. 

Bethany Tabernacle Church was founded by Elder John Fonzer, Sr., in October of 1965. From that time until now the city has never been the same.  Elder Fonzer originated from Marion Indiana, he being led by God to come to New Castle, said "That if God did not provide a way then he would stay in Marion" he left comfortable home and job to pursue the leading of God. 

One of the first Pioneers of the church was the late Bro. Willie Harris and Sis Harris (now Young), who agreed to have services in their home at 504 Indiana Avenue on Sunday afternoons.  In just over a months' time he had baptized 14 souls in the name of Jesus, and had begun to fill the house and had to find a more permanent place to worship.

Bethany Tabernacle moved from here to 1929 Thornburg Street (the former Boys Club), renovated it to the first church building of Bethany Tabernacle Church.

God began to bless our church, and we had outgrown the facilities.  Another building was sought after.  We were blessed to acquire our present facility, a beautiful 3 story 500 seat church building in the heart of the city.  And since that triumphant day in 1979, God has taken us to another level.  He has blessed us over the years to continue to grow and minister to the souls that are lost. 

Over the years members of this assembly have taken leadership capacities necessary to ensure the continual success of this church and to the ministry of the Lord. 

Bethany Tabernacle Church has provided a very dynamic ministry of teaching, singing, prayer, and the leadership by example. 

Pastor and Mrs. Fonzer


402 South 18th Street, New Castle, IN  47362

Bethany Tabernacle