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Bethany Tabernacle

The CLHC Hot Meals Program continues to grow, currently serving over 350 meals every Tuesday afternoon.  This number covers the people who eat on site, the people who come in and pick up a meal to take home and shut ins and the elderly that we deliver to.  While some people who visit the hot meal program drive, many walk or ride bicycles to receive this meal.  

In addition to the meal itself, the CLHC Hot Meals program provides fellowship to those who attend.  The people we serve don't have the funds to "go out to lunch" with friends or "have people over" for pizza-- but they do have Tuesdays at the CLHC.  They come early and save seats for their friends, they eat together and stay afterward to chat.  It may sound crazy but for many of these people the CLHC Hot Meals Program is their social life and we think that is so important. 

The Christian Love Help center does not stop with feeding the hungry on Tuesdays.  People in need of groceries may visit the CLHC Food Pantry one time every 30 days.  In the past, we were able to give everyone who visited the food pantry what we considered to be a one week supply of groceries.  Now with so many families struggling to put food on their tables, we are forced to give each family less - in order to serve more families.  The CLHC food pantry serves and average of 175 families a month. 

Clients may pick up food for their needy families free of charge each Tuesday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm once every 30 days.  Special consideration is given according to circumstances.