402 South 18th Street, New Castle, IN  47362

​​​​​Pastor Juanita Suggs.

Elder Juanita Suggs is the exciting, gifted and anointed Pastor of Bethany Tabernacle Church of New Castle, Indiana. She is the extension of her father District Elder John Fonzer, Sr. (The Man of Faith) who founded the church in 1965.

Elder Suggs was prophesied two years before her birth, when her mother had an experience where the literal voice of God spoke through her and stated that her next child would be a girl, who would be a "Great Woman of God".

Elder Suggs is a visionary who believes that God has a purpose and call for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. She is the Founder and Director of The Christian Love Help Center and Shelter House a nationally recognized facility meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the community. 

​Elder Suggs holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Indiana University.  After attending Aenon Bible College she was ordained in 1990 from the Pentecostal Asemblies of the World.

Elder Suggs is an unwavering servant and vessel of God, family, church and community who believes in helping people to grow spiritually, intellectually and socially.  She is passionate about creation and building a kingdom for God by preaching, teaching, praying and serving His people.  It is her desire to promote and environment of health, hope and healing for all. 

Elder Suggs has three children, Chris, Kimberly and Paul. 

Elder Suggs is a dedicated woman of God with compassion and love.  She is a woman of strength in the face of adversity and powerful reflection of Proverbs 31:10-31, and a true example of a "Woman of Noble Character."

Bethany Tabernacle

​​​​​District Elder John Fonzer is a dedicated Pastor and family man. He married Marjorie Dodson on April 9th, 1955. From this union there were five children. Ramona and Regina Fonzer, Carmitta Coleman, Pastor Juanita Suggs and Bishop John Fonzer.

Pastor Fonzer was an active member at Christ Temple church, Marion Indiana. He was called to preach in Marion In, and was ordained by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World in June of 1971. 

He loved Sunday School and working with the youth.  He was the chairman of the Young People Department for the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.

In 1965 he felt the call on his life to come to New Castle, to begin his ministry.  He took his son and set out to pursue the calling God had placed on hi life. Upon his first visit he met the Harris family.  Bro. Willie and Sis. Bessie Harris who agreed to have services in their home at 504 Indiana Ave., on Sunday afternoon.  This was the beginning of the Bethany Tabernacle Church. 

Pastor Fonzer began to go into the campgrounds of seasonal workers to have services and minister to the needs of the people.  In just over a months' time he had baptized 14 souls in the name of Jesus.  Many have been healed and delivered through his ministry.  He is a man of faith and has instilled in the ministers that our ministry is not just in the pulpit but out where the people are.  People who are in need and search of peace and deliverance.  With this in mind the Christian Love Help center and Christian Love Shelter House was founded in 1985.

He performed duties a a District elder overseeing other pastors's within his area of responsibility.  This included Pastoral counseling and constructive advisement when needed.  Establishing this ministry was not a poplular postiton to take, but he move with the unction of the Holy Ghost.  He is presently the Pastor Emeritus in which he passed the mantel to his oldest daughter Pastor Juanita Suggs. 

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