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At Easter new outfits and accessories are given to children.  We also try to give the children an Easter basket donated from the community or individuals.  Easter dinner with ham and the trimmings, is prepared and served the Tuesday before Easter.  

The Christian Love Help Center does not stop with feeding the hungry on Tuesdays.  People in need of groceries may visit the CLHC Food Pantry one time every 30 days.  In the past we were able to give everyone what we considered to be a one week supply of groceries. Now with so many families struggling to put food on their tables, we are forced to give each family less - in order to serve more families.  The CLHC food pantry serves an average of 175 families per month.  

Clients may pick up food for their needy families free of charge each Tuesday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm once every 30 days.  Special consideration is given according to circumstances. 


Hot Meal Program.

‚ÄčThe CLHC Hot Meals Program continues to grow, currently serving over 350 meals every Tuesday afternoon.  This number covers the people who eat on the site, the people who come in and pick up a meal and take home, and approximately 91 shut ins that we deliver to their homes.  While some people who visit the hot meals program drive, many walk or ride bicycles to receive this meal.

The week before school starts every year The Christian Love Help Center provides children from low income families with school supplies.  Children K-6 receive backpacks and school supplies while grades 7-12 receive school supplies only. The Back to School Program has shown a more dramatic increase in the numbers than any of our other programs.  Increasing from 140 to 577 children in just 4 years. 

Christian Love Help Center will team up with the Westminster House and Salvation Army to sponsor the annual Community Walk About:.  This event is held at Baker Park. The walk will help support the ongoing programs of all three not for profit organizations.  Sponsorship is 

Bronze $100    Silver  $250    Gold $500.

Please email pastortom@ncmethodist.org or call 529-0105 for more information. 


The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is always one of the busiest days of the year at The Christian Love Center.  Preparations for this holiday meal have started days earlier and come together as merchants, Elected officials and volunteers from local churches and service agencies assist the CLHC  in providing Thanksgiving Dinner to people who would otherwise go without this holiday meal.  Volunteers and a local church begin the process of making ready 35 turkeys and 15 hams, vegetables, potatoes, rolls, and drinks with a large selection of deserts.  Delivery to shut in's and senior citizens is also provided.  Fellowship on this day is felt by all who attend.

 In addition to the meal itself, the CLHC Hot Meals program provides fellowship to those who attend.  The people we serve don't have the funds to "go to lunch" with friends or  "have people over" for pizza-- but they do have Tuesdays at the CLHC.  They come early and save seats for their friends, they eat together and stay afterward to chat.  It may sound crazy but for many of these people, the CLHC Hot Meals Program is their social life and we think that is so important.  

Applications for Christmas assistance are taken at the CLHC Community Thanksgiving  Dinner.  Parents are asked to provide us with the number of people living in their household, the number of adults employed and the total amount of income per household.  Educators from the Henry County Schools also supply us with the name of children who may have been left out of the application process.  All applications are cross checked with  The Salvation Army, The Westminster Community Center and the shop with the Fireman to avoid duplication.

Local churches and service groups then contact us for specific information on a children that they wish to buy for. We supply the first name of the child, their age, clothing sizes and wish list.

The family of every child who receives Christmas assistance from the  CLHC also receives a food basket.  Over 235 children were provided toys and clothing.